In A Jam?

While few of us here in Louisville ever start our day thinking about committing a crime, some may end up facing charges. When this happens, the most important thing you can do is find a criminal attorney that will make a difference. If you don’t already have an attorney in your hip pocket, you just might want to consider the tips below for finding one.

Tips for Finding the Best Criminal Lawyer

They Need Passion

If your lawyer doesn't care about your case, who will? You need to be sure that the lawyer you choose is someone who has a real passion for the law and isn’t just in this for the money. Someone who is just "doing their job" may end up doing a poor job representing you before a judge and jury.

The Right Experience

While your Uncle Louie might be a nice guy and a great tax attorney, he isn't the one to help you out with a criminal case. Make sure the lawyer you choose has experience and in the right type of law. While you are at it, check their references and find out about their success rate for your type of case.

Total Confidence

While you want a lawyer that is sure of themselves, beware of lawyers who have an arrogant know-it-all approach to law. There is a big difference between a lawyer who has vast experience and has confidence in his or her ability and one who is arrogant and will never look beyond their own knowledge.

Do More Research

While this list is by no means exhaustive, it will get you on the right track to finding a good Louisville criminal attorney to help you. Anyone facing real jail time needs to know how to find a good lawyer fast, not just a lawyer who happens to be available. Choose one wisely.

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